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Motherhood should come with…: A 5 Minute post…


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Now without further ado…Todays Prompt: Motherhood should come with…

And Go…



Motherhood should come with a manual. One handed down from mother to daughter…or son.

A wand that made everything better, booboos healed and tummy aches in the head an abracadabra away!

There should be a newsletter that would come each week with any new advice for an ever-changing world and reminders that pediatricians are not gods and don’t know all things.

There should be a rash handbook that comes immediately upon the boy child’s fifth birthday…with little notes that say things like…eating dirt and licking frogs are NORMAL and NECESSARY for the development of the male of the species…



Motherhood should come with KEVLAR for the heart…protecting MOM from all fears and heartaches…Mother and Child!

Most of all Motherhood should send the mom a note that she gets in the delivery room that says…
Motherhood would like to introduce you to the REAL LOVE of your life. This tiny person who in a lifetime will most love you…most hurt you…and consume most of the next two decades! Baby_________________ will make you proud, make you cry in joy and pain, and one day you will cry with great pride at a graduation and a wedding.
REMEMBER TO: Enjoy and cherish every moment MOMMY…because you will be MOM or Mother in no time, and childhood to adulthood is a blink of the eye. SO…

Cherish this tiny bundle, for they are but gift that one day you will have to relinquish again. But fear not! This relinquishing will be to a life guided by none other than Father God…who has a plan for this new, powder scented life…one of prosperity, safety and with the gift of  hope and a bright future…





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